Is the Feminist Movement Every Woman’s Movement?

I grew up in a typical lower middle-class family with two younger brothers in the 70’s and 80’s. My dad built houses for a living and I loved nothing more than being on site helping out. To this day, I love home improvement projects. My husband and I joke that I’m the man and he’sContinue reading “Is the Feminist Movement Every Woman’s Movement?”

Faith, Healing, and Forgiveness in Families

We’ve talked about the benefits of marriage, how to date for marriage, and how to build healthy and happy marriages, and now this series will wrap up with a discussion about three of the most important elements of family life- faith, healing, and forgiveness. A successful family relationship will be based on how well eachContinue reading “Faith, Healing, and Forgiveness in Families”

How to Build a Healthy and Happy Marriage

Congratulations on making it through the dating process and arriving at wedded bliss! You may have started to wonder just how long this bliss will last. As we explore together some of the principles behind having a healthy and happy marriage, we need to start with a conversation and a reminder that your marriage willContinue reading “How to Build a Healthy and Happy Marriage”

How to Date for Marriage

I know what you are thinking. What does a woman who has been married 26 years possibly know about dating in the 21st Century? You are right to wonder. What I can’t give you are specific dating tips, but I can offer you some basic gospel principles to follow along with some social science statisticsContinue reading “How to Date for Marriage”